Our A.i.m

There is a "REAL" List of Barriers to communicating with people in the world' I know many might not know someone who has a visual or hearing disability or impairment but then more than likey they know some (maybe with age) that are loosing their hearing or are needing to reach for their glasses in order to pick up a text message or take a phone call, There just being over 1- billion blind people in the world today & over that are deaf. Even if this does not hit as close to home for some of you, for many reasons we need to understand that anyone & everyone of us can become affected in the lives of many if "any" "one" of "us" get in a automotive accident caused by a distracted person texting & driving! This in addition to many things that you can think of,. Is what AVATXT is about doing! Prevention, assistance, & a borderless connection with the ability of communication no matter the circumstance; distraction, impairment, or language barrier! We want to be there for All-Those-Reasons!     ~Sincerely, AVATXT

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