What Information We Collect
If permitted by applicable law, we may collect the following information:
This program tranponds the SMS and MMS information you provide by using the text-to-speech reader
How We May Use and Share Your Personal Information
If permitted by applicable law we may use the SMS and MMS information we collect through our app to send it to Microsoft translator (https://api.microsofttranslator.com/v2/http.svc/Translate) to translate text to text in selected language and Microsoft Bing text to speech API (https://speech.platform.bing.com/synthesize) for the purpose of translation and text-to-speech functionality. As understood by everyone at AVATXT We Have a Firm belief in privacy and do not have a way or care to for seeing or hearing your information. The following developers of this program set this up with our true intention of this strict demand in rule and we will hold them to it as well and display them to be Agilis/Rnf technologies.
Respectively we will not use your personal or intellectual information, or with it send product or promotional advertising.
Other than the purposes described above AVATXT will not sell or provide your personal information to third parties and is only seen by yourself, your contacts and the transfer of translate and Speech servers.